Different ways to say I like in English

What are the ways to say I like in English? How to say I like in different ways? Stay with Poc English in this article to learn about this topic!

If you like something, you can easily describe it by using “I like…”. For example:

I like playing tennis.

And if you don’t like it, you can simply say “I don’t like…”. For example:

I don’t like playing tennis.

But saying “I like…” and “I don’t like…” all the time can get really boring and it can show that your level of English is low.

In this lesson, we are going to learn different ways to say I like and expressing dislikes. This lesson is divided into three parts: beginner, intermediate and advanced so that you will see how to take your English from one level to another.

ways to say like and dislike in English


Level 1: Ways to say I like for beginners 

Liking in level 1

  • I like….

If you want to say what you like, you can simply say “I like…”.

Tip: after “like” you can use a….


I like tennis.

-I like books.

-I like rock music.

    B.Verb + ing (gerund)

-I like playing tennis.

-I like reading books.

-I like listening to rock music.

  • I really like…

One of the other ways to say I like is to use the word “really”. In other words,  If you want to make your sentence a bit better, you can use “I really like…”. For example:

-I really like tennis.

I really like listening to rock music.

  • I love….

Using “I love” is of the other ways to say I like which means to like something so much. You can use a verb in the gerund form or a noun after “love”. For instance:

I love tennis.

 -I love playing tennis.


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Disliking in level 1

The easiest way to express your dislike is to say “I don’t like…”. For example:

 -I don’t like eating out.

 -I don’t like watching TV.

  • I hate….

Instead of saying I don’t like, you can say “I hate….”.

I hate playing video games.

 -I hate studying for an exam.

A mini dialogue to review

-What sports do you like?

– I like playing tennis, I really like running and I love going to the gym!

-Are there any sports you don’t like?

-I don’t like cycling and I hate swimming.

Level 2: The ways to say I like for intermediate level

ways to say I like

Liking in level 2

  • I’m fond of….

As an intermediate student, if you want to learn the ways to say I like , you can use “I’m fond of….”. After “fond of” you can use a….


I’m fond of tennis.

-I’m fond of painting.

    B.Verb + ing (gerund)

-I’m fond of playing tennis.

-I’m fond of eating out.

  • I’m keen on….

Using I’m keen on is of another ways to say I like for the intermediate level.

This is another way to express the likeness and you can use a noun or a verb(gerund) after “keen on”. Let’s see some examples:

-I’m keen on fancy outfits.

 -I’m keen on wearing fancy outfits.

-I’m keen on modern art.

-I’m keen on traveling with my friends.

 -I’m keen on playing rugby.

  • Be into something….

If you are into something, it means that you like it and enjoy it. after this phrase, you can use a….


I’m into art.

    B.Verb + ing (gerund)

-I’m into getting better.

  • Be really into something

To enhance things a bit more and make them sound better, you can use “really”. (This is one of the common ways to say I like , specially in spoken English. In order to learn more about the speaking skill in English, click on the following link: improve english speaking).

-I’m really into modern art.

-I’m really into horror movies.

  • Can’t get enough of something

When you cannot get enough of something, it means that no matter how much you do it, eat it or listen to it, you cannot get enough and you still want more. As an example:

-I can’t get enough of this movie, I want to watch it over and over again.

-This pizza is delicious, I cannot get enough of it.

Disliking in level 2

In the previous section you learned about the ways to say I like in English. In this section we will introduce the different ways to say I don’t like.

  • I can’t stand something….

To not be able to stand something means that you can’t tolerate it. it means that it’s so bad that you don’t want to see it. Again, you can use a noun or a verb in gerund form after it.

-I can’t stand heavy metal.

-I cannot stand listening to heavy metal music.

-I can’t stand pineapples on a pizza.

 -I cannot stand it when people show up late for a meeting.

  • I cannot bear something

It’s another way to express dislike in English. When you can’t bear something, you can’t tolerate it.

-I can’t bear the responsibility of having a child.

-I cannot bear being bored.

-I couldn’t bear seeing the dog in pain.

A mini dialogue to review

-What kind of music do you listen to?

-I’m keen on pop music. I’m a big fan of Justin Bieber, I’m fond of the way he sings on stage. I’m also really into hip-hop. I can’t get enough of Eminem’s songs.

-What kind of music do you dislike?

-I can’t stand heavy metal, it’s really painful to listen to. I just can’t bear the loudness and the screaming and the overall act.



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Level 3: The ways to say I like for advanced level

ways to express your likes and dislikes

Liking in level 3

In the previous sections, we introduce the ways to say I like for the beginner and the intermediate levels. If your English level is advanced or if you like to learn more advanced ways to express your dislikes or interests, stay with us:

  • Liking

It looks beginner-level, doesn’t it? but let’s look more closely.

Liking is a noun that means a feeling that you like something or somebody. But how can we use it in a sentence? Let’s see it in 3 different sentences.

  1. To have a liking for something

This phrase is used when you want to say what you like. For example:

-I have a liking for the movies of Martin Scorsese.

To improve things, you can use an adjective:

  • To have a great/genuine/particular liking for something. 

for instance:

 -I have a great liking for old films.

 -I have a particular liking for old films.

-I have a genuine liking for old films.

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