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Intonation in English pronunciation and speaking

What is intonation in English ? What is the importance of learning intonation? Intonation, is


Another word for stop (stop synonyms)+ video

Using another word for stop (stop synonyms) shows our English level. As an English language

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8 great ways of English pronunciation practice !

Learning a language is one thing, improving your pronunciation is another. As you learn a


formal and informal words in English+video

Why do we need to know about the formal and informal words in English ? 

Boring words & what to use instead!+video

Boring words? What do we mean by saying a word is boring? If you want

Alternatives to say | synonyms of say+ video

Learning about the alternatives to say and using them in our daily conversations shows our English

Confusing words in English with examples +video

What are the most common confusing words in English ? How to memorize them and

Adjectives and adverbs with the same form! + Video

Adjectives, adverbs or both? In this article, we are going to talk about some adjectives


Asking for and giving advice in English + video

Are you familiar with the several ways of asking for and giving advice in different