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Have you ever had the challenge of using another word for but in your conversations? Are you familiar with the synonyms for but in English?

Synonyms are like secret codes that make our conversations more interesting and colorful. Imagine if we only used the word “but” all the time. It would be like eating the same snack every day – a bit boring, right? But, when we use different words for but like “however,” “although,” or “yet,” it’s like having a whole bunch of different snacks to choose from! It makes our conversations exciting and helps us express ourselves better. Plus, it shows that we’re really good at using words, which is like being a word wizard!

Using synonyms for but is like adding magic to our words. It helps us become better storytellers and communicators. When we say things like “nevertheless” or “on the other hand,” it makes our sentences pop, and people love listening to us! It’s also super helpful when we’re writing stories or doing schoolwork. Teachers and friends will be so impressed by how cleverly we use words. So, remember, using other words for but is like sprinkling fairy dust on our sentences, making them sparkle and shine.

Pay attention to this dialogue:

  • Let’s have pizza for lunch!
  • But I can’t! I have high cholesterol!
  • Then, how about salad?
  • But I don’t like salad!
  • Fish?
  • But I hate the smell of fish!
  • So?! Nothing
  • Oh, but I’m hungry!
  • You said “but” like 100 times! Do you know any other words?

In this lesson we are going to learn about the other terms for but . First let’s learn about the conjunctions in English.


other words for but


What are conjunctions?

In the English language, any word that connects two different clauses or sentences is called a conjunction. There are 3 main types of conjunctions:

1. Coordinating conjunctions

A coordinating conjunction connects two sentences that are both independent clauses. There are 7 coordinating conjunctions:

  1. For
  2. And
  3. Nor
  4. But
  5. Or
  6. Yet
  7. So

(to remember them: FAN BOYS)


2. Subordinating conjunctions

A subordinating conjunction connects two sentences. One of which is an independent clause and the other is dependent.

3.Correlative conjunctions

A correlative conjunction is a pair of conjunctions. For example:

  • Either….. or…..
  • Neither…… nor……
  • Not only…… but also…..

So, as you have noticed, “but” is a coordinating conjunction that connects 2 independent clauses together. But what is an independent clause? Look at this example:

  • I want to eat pizza but my cholesterol is high!

The clause before “but” (I want to eat pizza) has meaning, subject, and verb and it’s complete on its own. This is an independent clause.

So, any complete sentence which can be understood alone and on its own is an independent clause.

types of conjunctions



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Now let’s learn about the most common synonyms for but in English.


what is another word for but ?

1. On the other hand: but in other words

This word is one of the most common synonyms for but. Look at this sentence:

  • We should invest in advertisements. But, our budget is limited!

This sentence can be rewritten like this:

  • We should invest in advertisements. On the other hand, our budget is limited!

Or like this:

  • On the one hand, we should invest in advertisements. But, our budget is limited!

2. However: Of but synonyms

This word  is also in the list of but synonyms that is a fancy and formal way to say “but”.

  • I really like you, but I don’t want to start a new relationship!

You can use synonyms for but in this sentence and rewrite it like this:

  • I really like you. However, I don’t want to start a new relationship!


another word for but


Pay attention that we usually have a comma after “however” and it is usually used at the beginning of the sentence.


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3. Yet: Of other words for but

There is another “yet” which is used as an adverb in present perfect (I haven’t finished my homework yet.) and is different from this one. This is an in the list of different word for but.

  • I don’t like this job but I have sent an application.
  • We can say this sentence like this:
    ‎-‎ I don’t like this yet but I have sent an application.‎

Another example:

  • They played really well yet they were defeated!

4. Nonetheless / nevertheless: Other word for but

Pay attention that both of these words are in the list of but synonyms that consist of one section. Nonetheless and nevertheless can be used interchangeably (instead of each other) and they have the same meaning. For example:

  • I know there are many risks. Nonetheless / Nevertheless, I want to make an investment!
  • There are several problems in our company. Nonetheless / Nevertheless, we are doing our best!

but synonyms in English


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5. Even though / Although: Of but other words

Both of these words are also known as the alternatives for but that can be used interchangeably. Let’s have a look at some examples:

  • She will come tonight although / eventhough I’m not sure exactly when.
  • He decided to go although / eventhough I asked him to stay!


Pay attention!
don’t use “but” and “although” at the same time in a sentence!


For example:

  • Although I’m tired, but let’s go out and have fun tonight!

This sentence is wrong and the correct form is like this:

  • Although I’m tired, let’s go out and have fun tonight!
  • I’m tired, but let’s go out and have some fun!

6. Though: Of but synonyms

This word is also of synonyms for but that has the same meaning as the previous ones, but this one is informal. As an example:

  • They’re coming next week, though I’m not sure on which day!

We can also use “though” at the end of a sentence.

  • It’s an old movie, I like it though!


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7. In spite of  / Despite: Of different words for but

Pay attention because this can bit really tricky and students often make mistakes when they want to use these alternatives for but.

After “in spite of” or “despite” we either use a noun or gerund. If we want to use a full clause (as in the third sentence), we must say “in spite of the fact that + clause.

  • Noun

In spite of his injury, Ronaldo will play.

  • Gerund

In spite of being injured, Ronaldo will play.

  • Full clause

In spite of the fact that he is injured, Ronaldo will play.

You can use “despite” instead of “in spite of” with no change of rules.

  • Despite his injury, Ronaldo will play.
  • Despite being injured, Ronaldo will play.
  • Despite the fact that he is injured, Ronaldo will play.


Pay attention!
Some students use “despite of” which is wrong!(In spite of….)
In the same way, “in spite” is wrong!(Despite / In spite of ….)



Summary of the lesson: but synonyms

Let’s review the other words for but that we have learned in this lesson:

✅On the other hand



✅Nonetheless / Nevertheless

✅Even though / Although


✅In spite of / Despite

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