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14+1 common synonyms of amazing+ video

What are the most common synonyms of amazing ? How and when can we use

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54 Business English vocabulary and phrases + video

Learning about business English vocabulary and phrases is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it equips

Job interview conversation in English + video

Are you in pursuit of a job in a country with English? So, this lesson

Hotel vocabulary with pictures + Expressions & video

Inevitably you have experienced or will experience staying in a hotel or other sorts of

Music vocabulary in English with example 🎸+ video

Listening to music is definitely one of the favorite activities among people, especially those who

Expressions and idioms about behavior + video

When you want to describe someone’s personality using personality adjectives, it might be useful to

More than 10 change synonyms + idioms for change

In your daily or academic conversations, you sometimes need to talk about changes happening about

10 argument phrasal verbs + examples & video

Learning about argument phrasal verbs in English is like unlocking a superpower for effective communication.

Learn these 12 health idioms with example + video

Idioms about health are commonly used in our daily life. Do you have a healthy diet?


Health and illness vocabulary(with example)+video

Everybody needs to know the most common health problems vocabulary and the way it is used

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