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What are the most common synonyms of amazing ? How and when can we use them? Stay with us in this article to learn about the synonyms for amazing.

Let’s have a look at this dialogue:

  • So, how was the movie? 
  • It was amazing!
  • Really? Tell me more.
  • The actors were amazing! I went to an amazing cinema and had an amazing time!

Isn’t there something in this sentence that bothers you? yes! The repetition of “amazing”! 

The amazing fact about “amazing” is that we can use it to describe almost anything! For example:

  • An amazing food
  • An amazing room
  • An amazing camera

As you know, every word has several synonyms in English. It’s so important to learn about the formal and informal alternatives of every word and use them correctly in conversations. Our website online English course is a great online class that will help you learn new words and improve your speaking, writing, and listening skills.

As we mentioned above, this article is about  the synonyms of amazing. There are many other words to use instead of “amazing”. So, why should we stick to this one? Let’s learn some alternatives! 

synonyms of amazing


1.Unimaginable: Of synonyms of amazing

When something is “unimaginable”, it means you cannot even imagine it due to being too good or too bad! So, this adjective that is of synonyms for amazing has both negative and positive connotations. For example, if you want to use it positively, you can say:

  • Our trip was unimaginable. (we had a very good trip!)
  • We stayed at an unimaginable hotel!

if you want to use it negatively, you can say:

  • Unimaginable violence.
  • Unimaginable horror.  


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2. Phenomenal: Of synonyms for amazing

Another item of synonyms of amazing is the word “phenomenal”. When something is phenomenal, it means that it’s great and amazing in an unusual or surprising way. For example:

  • The company’s success was phenomenal!
  • The view from our hotel was phenomenal!


3. Remarkable: Of amazing synonyms

Another word for amazing is the word “remarkable”. When something is “remarkable”, it means something that has a special feature that you cannot help but notice it! for instance:

  • Graduating from college is a remarkable achievement.
  • The design of the Eiffel Tower is remarkable.
  • She is a remarkable woman.


4. Breathtaking: Of alternatives to amazing

Breathtaking is also in the list of synonyms of amazing. When something is “breathtaking” it means that it’s so good and great that it takes your breath away. 

  • She is breathtaking.
  • It was a breathtaking scenery.
  • This house has breathtaking views from every room.


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5. Spectacular: another word for amazing

This adjective is of amazing synonyms that is mainly about things that you can see with your eyes and enjoy. When something is “spectacular”, it means that it’s very exciting to look at. For example: 

  • The Power of the Dog was a spectacular movie! I enjoyed watching it.
  • We went to a spectacular concert!
  • We took a road trip through the spectacular mountains.


6. Stunning : Of synonyms of amazing

Have you ever seen something that was too good that you kept staring at it without moving? Then, that thing was “stunning”. Something or someone that is stunning is extremely beautiful and attractive.

  • You look really stunning in that dress.
  • Rome is a stunning city with its spectacular monuments.
  • She took a stunning picture of the breathtaking landscape.


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7. Splendid : Of synonyms for amazing

When we use the word splendid, which is in the list of synonyms of amazing, we talk about an extremely good, beautiful, and impressive thing. For example:

  • I enjoyed the splendid view from the hotel room!
  • We had a splendid time on our unimaginable trip.
  • You look splendid in that breathtaking dress.
  • He bought a splendid new car.


8. Staggering: Of synonyms of amazing

This one is also of alternatives to amazing ,which is usually used to talk about huge sums of money. Something that is “staggering” is shocking and surprising because of being too large! For example:

  • the house costs a staggering $10 million.
  • It costs a staggering $5000 a week to live here.
  • He bought his car for a staggering $3000000.


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9. Majestic: Of amazing synonyms

Majestic is of amazing synonyms which means beautiful and powerful. When you see something that is majestic, you just look at it and say wow! For example:

  • We enjoyed the majestic mountain view!
  • I love the majestic monuments in Rome!
  • The village is surrounded by majestic mountain scenery!


10. Awe-inspiring: another word for amazing

The word “Awe-inspiring” is also of synonyms for amazing. When something is awe-inspiring, it causes you to feel great respect or admiration for it. For example:

  • The building had an awe-inspiring design!
  • Her knowledge of computers is absolutely awe-inspiring!
  • That wasn’t a very awe-inspiring performance by the actor!


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Summary of the lesson: synonyms of amazing

Let’s review the adjectives that we have learned.

✅ Unimaginable

✅ Phenomenal

✅ Remarkable

✅ Breathtaking

✅ Spectacular 

✅ Stunning 

✅ Splendid 

✅ Staggering

✅ Majestic

✅ Awe-inspiring

Usage of the knowledge

Let’s see how we can use the adjectives that we just learned to sound more professional and proficient. See if you can replace “amazing” with the words that you just learned.

“last summer I went on an amazing trip to the amazing city of Rome! Rome is an amazing city with amazing historical monuments. The city was amazing! It was an open-air museum. Also, our hotel has an amazing view of the city.”

“last summer I went on an unimaginable trip to the spectacular city of Rome! Rome is a breathtaking city with majestic historical monuments. The city was awe-inspiring! It was an open-air museum. Also, our hotel has a splendid view of the city.”

In this article, you learned about the different synonyms for amazing. If you are going to give an IELTS exam and want to get a great exam, the POC English online IELTS course is perfect for you. In this course, you will improve your English skills with the help of teacher Maddy. Take this course and enjoy learning English.


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