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You have different sorts of relationships with different people in society. They include working and professional relationships, family relationships, emotional relationships, and so on. There are some idioms and phrases about relationships that native speakers use when they want to talk about their relationships. In this lesson, we are going to learn some intermediate and advanced phrases and idioms about relationship.

First, let’s learn some intermediate idioms and phrases about relationships:


Make friends (In the list of phrases about relationships):

(NOT find Friends)

Example: We you enter high school you will make a lot of friends.

make friends: Of phrases about relationship



Strike up a friendship (Of phrases about relationships):

Meaning: To start a friendship.

Example: I struck up my friendship with Jack 10 years ago.


Form/develop a friendship:

(NOT make a friendship)

Example: After years at university, I have formed deep friendships with some of my classmates.


Cement/Spoil a friendship (Of phrases about relationships):

Meaning: Strengthen/have a bad effect on friendship.

Example: You should make a lot of effort if you want to cement a friendship.


To get on well with someone/ To get on like a house on fire:

Meaning: To have a good relationship with someone.

Example: My colleagues and I got on like a house on fire after the first week in my new office.

get on well with sb: Of phrases about relationship



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To break up/To split up: (Of phrases about relationships)

Meaning: To finish a relationship.

Example: I think with these serious disagreements you should break up with John.

to break up: In the list of phrases about relationship


To fall out with someone:

This item is also of phrases about relationships which means:

Meaning: to have an argument and stop being friendly with them.

Example: Last night John and Jack fell out with each other suddenly.


Get on someone’s nerves (Of phrases about relationships):

Meaning: to annoy or irritate someone because you say or do something annoying.

Example: My younger brother is always making noise when I study. He really gets on my nerves.


To fall in love with someone:

This item is also in the list of phrases about relationships that means:

Meaning: To love someone deeply.

Example: After 3 months of working in that company Jack fell in love with his colleague.


Love at first sight (In the list of phrases about relationships):

Meaning: Instant and immediate love.

Example: Most people don’t believe in love at first sight but I do.


It’s time to see these idioms and phrases about relationships in a conversation:

John has gone to a psychiatrist to talk about his problems in his relationship with her girlfriend Jenny!

J: I recently broke up with my girlfriend, Jenny! I am so upset and can’t forget about her!

Ps: Why did you split up?

J: We had some serious arguments with each other. She was getting on my nerves all the time by asking ridiculous questions. One night we fell out with each other and after that, she didn’t call me back.

Ps: Can you tell me how did you meet each other?

J: It backs to my bachelor’s degree course. I couldn’t make a lot of friends at that time. Unlike me, Jenny was so good at striking up friendships. She developed a lot of friendships with our classmates. I wanted to be like her. So I started talking to her. Gradually we decided to go out with each other. After a year we completely fell in love with each other. It wasn’t love at first sight.


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We learned about the most common phrases about relationships in the last section. Let’s learn some advanced idioms about relationship:

To stick up for sb:

This item is of common idioms about relationship that means:

Meaning: support or defend sb if they are criticized.

Example: in discussions with our friends, John always sticks up for Jenny, his wife.


To have an affair with someone:

Meaning: to betray your wife or husband by having a relationship with someone else.

Example: after 5 years of living with his wife, John had an affair with another woman. They are divorced now.

have an affair with someone: Of idioms about relationship



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To make a commitment (In the list of idioms about relationship):

Meaning: To formally engage in a serious relationship.

Example: Jenny and her fiancé are going to make a commitment in the following month.


make a commitment: Of idioms about relationship


To make a sacrifice:

This idiom is of common idioms about relationship which means:

Meaning: To give up sth important or valuable to do sth that seems more important, especially for your beloved ones.

Example: My wife has made a lot of sacrifices in our life. I am proud of her.


To have it in for someone (Of idioms about relationship):

Meaning: To be determined to harm someone.

Example: the maths teacher had it in for me; she was always giving me extra homework.


Keep yourself to yourself:

Meaning: to spend a lot of time alone, not talking to other people very much.

Example: Jenny kept herself to herself during the holiday. She was eating and playing video games alone.


To put a great strain on a relationship:

Meaning: to cause a problem in or for a relationship.

Example: His behavior problem has put a great strain on our relationship.


Take an instant dislike to someone:

Meaning: to dislike sb as soon as you meet them.

Example: Sandra took an instant dislike to her step-mother, but she did her best to hide it.


A relationship can turn sour (Of idioms about relationship):

Meaning: When a relationship turns sour both sides of it are not willing to continue it.

Example: after some serious arguments our relationship has gotten sour. I think we will break up soon.


Let’s listen to the rest of John’s conversation to practice the mentioned idioms and phrases about relationship:

Ps: How was your relationship?

J: It was great. We use to stick up for each other and make a lot of sacrifices. After 2 years we decided to make a commitment because we thought we were ready to get married.

Ps: Why didn’t you get married so?

J: Her mother! We I met her mother first I understood that she took an instant dislike to me, but she was trying to hide it. I was still keeping myself to myself in the crowd. I believe she put a great strain on our relationship. She was the reason why our relationship turned sour.

Ps: But you said Jenny herself got on your nerves!

J: No! I mean both of them! For a month Jenny thought I had an affair with another girl!

Ps: But Jenny said both her mother and her were so nice to you!!!

J: she is a liar! A Goddamn Liar! (Shouting)!


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In this article, we got familiar with the most common idioms and phrases about relationships. Don’t forget to memorize them and try to use them in your daily conversations.

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